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The Best Way to Trade the Markets

Put no money at risk in a trading account. Use our accounts to transact. Click here to see if your nation is included in the over 100 countries where our services are offered. No boundaries apply to us! Your location is irrelevant. Across the world, we deal with merchants.

Our Trader Financing Program's Advantages

Traders receive financing after completing one of our evaluation programs successfully. We work hard to give you the best chance to get finance through our own company. This is for traders who don't have the necessary funds or don't want to put their investments at risk.


Minimum Trading

You can qualify after just seven trading days. A trade day is defined as 6 PM on one day and 5 PM on the following. Holidays with half a trade day count toward the following day.


Trailing Threshold

You never have to be concerned about daily drawdown because to our live trailing threshold. This may be followed in real time using the rtrader software we give you.


Trade 24 hours a day, every day.

From 6 p.m. ET to 4:59 p.m. ET on holidays and throughout the news, you can trade. The deadline for closing trades and canceling pending orders is 4:59 PM ET.


Position Size Limit

Trading up to the maximum position size is acceptable. Your positions are limited by our system, so you will never be barred from trading additional contracts in funded or evaluation accounts.


Trading While News

Because you switched from your regular daily system during a news announcement, you won't fail! The use of directional, multi-directional, or pre-news entries for any form of windfall is not permitted in news trading techniques.


One Easy Step

You can qualify if you reach your profit goal before you experience your maximum drawdown after seven trading days.


Benefits Of Our Funding Program

Start today, with a Custom plan, Build your Own!

K Eval



Starting capital $,000


100K Static



Starting capital $100,000

  • Contracts: 2(20 Micros)
  • Profit goal: $2,000
  • Trailing threshold: $625
  • Daily Drawdown: None
  • Scaling Penalty: None
  • Real-Time Data Fees ($55 Value):FREE

Evaluation Resets And PA Accounts


per reset and no limits

Reset any evaluation account(s) you have as many times as you want.


Per PA Account

Paid Funded Account 20 Maximum Includes Data/Ninja Platform Fee


Commission on Lifetime Referrals of 20%

During the duration of the consumers you refer, our commission plan pays 20% monthly on all assessment plans and resets!

Instruments You Can Trade

Name Symbol Exchange Tick Size Point Value
E-mini S&P 500 ES CME 0.25 $50
Nikkei NKD NKD CME 5 $5
E-mini NASDAQ 100 NQ CME 0.25 $20
Mini-DOW YM CBOT 1 $5
E-mini Midcap 400 EMD CME 0.1 $100
Russell 2000 RTY CME 0.1 $50
Name Symbol Exchange Tick Size Point Value
Micro 10 Year Yield Futures 10Y CBOT 0.001 $1,000
2-Year Note ZT CBOT 0.0039 $2,000
5-Year Note ZF CBOT 0.0078 $1,000
10-Year Note ZN CBOT 0.015 $1,000
30-Year Bond ZB CBOT 0.03 $1,000
Ultra-Bond UB CBOT 0.03 $1,000
Name Symbol Exchange Tick Size Point Value
Australian Dollar 6A CME 0.00005 $100,000
British Pound 6B CME 0.0001 $62,500
Canadian Dollar 6C CME 0.00005 $100,000
Euro FX 6E CME 0.00005 $125,000
Japanese Yen 6J CME 0.0000005 $12,500,000
Swiss Franc 6S CME 0.0001 $125,000
New Zealand Dollar 6N CME 0.00005 $100,000
Name Symbol Exchange Tick Size Point Value
Lean Hogs HE CME 0.025 $400
Live Cattle LE CME 0.025 $400
Feeder Cattle GF CME 0.025 $500
Corn ZC CBOT 0.25 $50
Wheat ZW CBOT 0.25 $50
Soybeans ZS CBOT 0.25 $50
Soybean Meal ZM CBOT 0.1 $100
Soybean Oil ZL CBOT 0.01 $600
Name Symbol Exchange Tick Size Point Value
Crude Oil CL NYMEX 0.01 $1,000
Mini Crude Oil QM NYMEX 0.025 $500
Natural Gas NG NYMEX 0.001 $10,000
E-mini Natural Gas QG NYMEX 0.005 $2,500
Heating Oil HO NYMEX 0.0001 $42,000
New York Harbor RB NYMEX 0.0001 $42,000
Name Symbol Exchange Tick Size Point Value
Gold GC COMEX 0.1 $100
Silver SI COMEX 0.005 $5,000
Copper HG COMEX 0.0005 $25,000
Platinum PL COMEX 0.1 $50
Palladium PA COMEX 0.5 $100
E-mini Silver QI COMEX 0.0125 $2,500
E-mini Gold QO COMEX 0.25 $50
Name Symbol Exchange Tick Size Point Value
Micro E-Mini S&P 500 MES CME 0.25 $5
Micro E-Mini Dow Jones MYM CBOT 1 $0.5
Micro E-Mini Nasdaq-100 MNQ CME 0.25 $2
Micro E-Mini Russell 2000 M2K CME 0.1 $5
E-Micro Gold MGC CME 0.1 $10
E-Micro AUD/USD M6A CME 0.0001 $10,000
E-Micro EUR/USD M6E CME 0.0001 $12,500
Micro Crude Oil MCL NYMEX 0.01 $100
Name Symbol Exchange Tick Size Point Value
Micro Bitcoin MBT CME 5 $0.1
Micro Ethereum MET CME 0.5 $0.1