Day Traders FAQ

Most frequently asked questions

In order to become a funded trader, the first step is to choose the assessment tier that fits you best and take an Evaluation Account — an assessment of your skills, risk management, and profitability as a trader. Once you pass the eval, we'll set you up with a funded account. It's that easy.
We only require 7 minimum trading days. To pass an Evaluation Account, simply reach your target in your account while not hitting your trailing drawdown.
You will receive an email from Day Traders to pay for your PA Account, to get you into a funded account. We use to make payouts, we pay every two weeks.
First, it's important to understand that there are two different types of breach: a hard breach and soft breach. A violation of the daily or maximum drawdown constitutes a hard breach. A soft breach occurs if, for example, a trader does not close positions by market close on Friday, or if they place a trade without a stop-loss. If a soft breach occurs, the trade is closed, and the trader can continue to trade. During the Evaluation, in the event of a hard breach, account will be disabled. In either case, traders can always start again with new eval account.
We want to create a successful environment where talented traders can grow and improve their returns. We're here to help you do just that, instead of penalizing you for the full fee amount. Click here to get a coupon code!